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Katherine Selby

Ghostwriter & Co-Author

Fiction & Non-fiction Writer

Writing Coach

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Words Have Impact

I can give you the tools you need and the confidence you deserve as a writer.

Are you an aspiring writer of fiction or non-fiction? 

Do you have great ideas but freeze when it comes to getting them down? 

Do you have unfinished stories or articles waiting to become ready for submission?

Need your documents to be at their "A game"?

Do you wish your business communications were more polished?

Do you need a second set of eyes to make sure your words reflect your ideas?

I want to hear your ideas, help you organize your thoughts, and get you writing!

From blog posts and correspondence to web content and full manuscripts, I can make your writing shine!

With over 20 years as a professional proofreader, copyeditor, and writer, I can help you make your writing more fluid and your messaging clearer. While checking for typos, grammar, and punctuation errors, I will also keep an eye on flow, organization, redundancy, voice, and clarity in your work. 



“Kate Selby can do it all, do it well, do it quickly and do it reasonably. 

Rarely do you find a proofreader who goes beyond spelling, punctuation and grammar, but who offers editorial options that make sentences clearer or that might even re-organize a paragraph. Even more, finding a proofreader who can follow technical treatises in finance, technology or other jargony fields is almost impossible. Kate has done everything for me... from a typo check to a discussion on how edits might go, all depending on the circumstance and what I need. She responds quickly to tight deadlines and is careful with each project. Kate's price is right for any and all levels of support you need.”

 Susan Nuccio, Partner, River Communications, NY

"She was fantastic! I never knew I could write so well.

I am an aspiring author of a non-fiction book in the field of education. Getting stuck putting pen to page, I contacted Katherine. She talked with me, and helped me clarify my thoughts and message. Then she continued working with me – to organize chapters, edit content, and make sure the text was clean and the language smooth – until I felt my work was ready to show to potential publishers."

 Carolyn Fairchild, Educator

"I truly cannot recommend

her too highly.

Ms. Selby is a talented copywriter who provides a deep and careful edit of your work—from the big picture (themes, organization), to paragraphs and sentences (clarity), down to the small details (spelling, punctuation, and grammar). 

Over the years, I'veworked with her on a wide variety of subjects and she has been able to skillfully suggest improvements for every project, from letters and editorials to complete books. 

In addition, she is a master of succinctness, and she’s helped tighten all the work I’ve brought her. A consummate professional, she always delivers her work on time, even when deadlines are tight."

Sen. Christopher Bray (VT), Publisher, Common Ground;

Domestic and International work

The Urban Writers/Dibbly, Inc: Ghostwriter of non-fiction, self-help, fiction, and business/finance books.

River, Inc: Editing/proofing of PR and marketing

materials for tax & finance industries.

Common Ground: Content, line, and copy editing, proofreading for complete manuscripts, political matter, and op/ed pieces.

American Riding Instructors Assoc.: Creating content and

proofreading for international equine trade publication.

Marco Learning: Grading and feedback for K-12, in ELA, ELL, and AP English.

Localsoft, S.L.: Proofreading and copyediting translations

for content and localization.

Capital City Press: Pre-press proofing of scientific,

technical and literary publications. (Closed 2006)

Published work

Over 25 titles on Amazon as a ghostwriter

Authored works in Cricket Literary Magazine, Riding Instructor magazine, Covertside magazine.

Together, we can transform your words and ideas.

Line editing


Content & Ghost writing


1st 1-hour consult 

*Rates may vary depending on content, size & scope of project, word count, etc.

**First hour consultation only, $45 therafter.

$35 per hour*
$50 per hour*
$60 per hour*




Contact for pricing






Fiction & Non-fiction: Short stories, complete mss of chapter books, YA, adult—all genres
Blog posts, web & video game content
Business correspondence
Scientific, educational, and instructional content
Translations: Proofing translations for fluency, usage, and localization (US ENG)
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